Coopers lager – the review

So in our merry tour of Australian beers we once again return to coopers brewery, this time we wil be looking at their lager, now although it may affect my ability to call my self a beer affeciando I am awfully fond of a lager after a long day. So lets get into what I think may be the last of coopers brewed beer.


this was a very still beer, this was anything but lively with very few bubbles and a very minimal head, I would say a rather solid looking lager.



I think the Australian curse may finally be lifting as this is the one of a couple recently that have actually had an aroma, I got a very distinct and robust smell of malt, a very good and by the books lager if I ever saw one.



this was a wonderfully refreshing beer to have on a hot summer afternoon, its flavour took after its aroma with a malty flavour that I enjoyed quite a lot.



I enjoyed this beer for many reason, it perfectly hit the spot on a hot day, it had a solid look, a solid aroma and a quite robust flavour. This is a nice by the book lager and I don’t think thats a bad thing. I’d recommend it for any weary traveler looking for a solid Australian beer.


The session:

like Ive said many time throughout this entire review this was a good solid lager and as a result I found myself happily over indulging, I would feel guilty but an pver indulgajce with old friends or family is never a bad thing in my eyes.


over all this gets an 72 from us, its a good solid lager that i would recommend to those who have the unfortunate situation of having to sit int he sun enjoying a cold beer with those they love.




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