Brewfist Czech Norris – The Review

Howdy beer fans! Today I’m looking at a cheeky and surprising beer that I picked up from The Wineyard and Deli. The brewery name – Brewfist – is striking enough, but the name of this beer – Czech Norris – involves some pleasant punnery, so I was instantly sold when I saw it on the shelf. It’s a pretty traditional style of beer, so not so unique in terms of brewing, but it’s not a style associated with Italy, so their take on it is an exciting adventure. I don’t remember having had an Imperial Pils before, so I was curious to see what it’d be like but, more importantly, would it live up to the Norris name? Only one way to find out…

Vital Statistics

  • 6.7%
  • 46 IBU (I know the site says 40, but the bottle said 46…)
  • Comes in 330ml bottles
  • Brewed in Italy
  • Grains: Pilsner, Carapils and Monaco
  • Hops: Saaz

Look Bit of residue in the bottle that I wasn’t expecting (why would I with a pils?), but despite that, the beer has a very brilliant quality. It’s so brightly golden that it almost looks like a torch is being shone through it. The bottle is very striking – a Chuck Norris-type figure drawn on top of a Czech Republic flag. Very eye-catching. Their logo is interesting too, all in all a good looking proposition. The decent head retention makes it very inviting.                                                                                                                 8/10

Aroma Nice and hoppy, very much like an Indian Pale Ale, but there’s a more distinct malty note. A very nice malty note actually, providing an interesting ‘clash’ of strong hops and strong malt. The floral and the earthy combine, making it so so so tempting to drink.                                                                                                                    8/10

Taste Ooh that’s nice. A surprisingly delicate floral taste, a teeny tingle of bitterness on the tongue – but not a lot. The maltiness comes through like it only could in an Italian beer (Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Peroni Gran Riserva and Birra Menabrea are basically my only Italian experiences but hey, them’s all malty so go figure). It’s smooth, it’s creamy and it has a natural earthiness. There’s a citricity with the hops and I get a wee bit of spiciness, but it’s all balanced. It’s complex, but still so enjoyable. Wow. An Italian take on a Czech stalwart, who knew it’d turn out so great?                                                                 9/10

Value Alcoholic bang for buck and massive, gorgeous flavour. Would love it in a pint but I don’t think it’d be wise!                                                                                           7/10

The Session I could never tire of this taste. It was truly a revelation and something I’ll look out for again. The way the flavours developed as I drank was very satisfying, and that all goes in the beer’s favour. The only reason a session might not be advised is because of it’s reasonably strong ABV, you can’t have a great many before you start to feel it.     7/10

So this is definitely one to try if you see it about. I was expecting a blander affair, nice flavours but a bit one-dimensional perhaps. What I actually experienced was a symphony of tastes, strong and competitive, balancing each other out nicely. I wish I had another one right now, that’s all I’ll say…

Final Score: 78%


2 thoughts on “Brewfist Czech Norris – The Review

  1. Their Spaceman beer is good too, I think they have a habit of leaving residue in the bottle!

    1. Ah I didn’t know that sir!
      I heard good things about that Spaceman stuff. The only problem is, there was never any left in the shop when I wanted to try some! I was too slow, lol.

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