Big Head no carb beer – the review

so what with the all the Christmas weight i have accumulated, something i’m informed a lot of us have to deal with this on a yearly basis. despite this i am becoming all too aware of my weight and am endeavoring to do something about it, this poses a huge problem for me though because not only am i incredibly lazy, i also like a beer at the end of a hard day and apparently weight loss and drinking beer don’t mix. well it appears that i am not the first person this has happened because upon one of my many jaunts to the bottle shop, i mean im on a first name basis with the staff i found a beer that claimed to be a no carb beer. shame that a low carb beer would be so lacking in flavor but that a little preview for the review to come.
Vital statistics:
  • Brewed in Australia
  • 4.2%
  • each bottle contains 88 calories and zero carbs
  • will pair quite easily with any food because its not a fussy beer, it also tasteless so.
this came in a standard brown bottle with a white label with the beers mascot emblazoned on it, this gimmick brought to mind brewdog of Scotland but i do like it when beer companies do this, it gives the beer a personal touch and personality that many others fail to even consider.
this was a very lively beer but it had no head to speak off and as we know everything is better with head.
Nothing to speak off. i mean this, i’ve smelt more enticing water.
this was a strange beer in terms of taste, now im a glass a drinker, to me drinking out of the bottle just isn’t a done thing, i like to see my beer and generally let everything sit, so with that in mind, thats the perspective from which i write these reviews and all scores are based on that general idea, so with that this was a strange beer that tasted better drinking out of the bottle rather than the glass. so i was initially faced with a problem do i give this beer the score i attributed to it being the in the bottle or the score that was achieved from the glass, i decided that this was my site and therefore my rules and that the criteria to which i’ve reviewed ever other beer s far so to do this review differently would give it an unfair advantage. so glass it is. in the glass it had a Slightly sweet citrus flavor but my good it was hard to find.
this beer was a complete disappointment for me, the look was off, the aroma was non existent and the taste for me was completely off. avoid at all costs.
despite my misgiving this was quite a nice session beer, that may have something to do with its complete lack of flavor and it having the texture of water. buig head gets a six in this category but i’d still avoid.
so there we have it, my review of a low carb beer that i wrote in the notes application on my phone a little over a month ago, the diet has gone out of the window, not down to my laziness but because im back to do a manual labour and naturally the weight is coming off me at a nice leisurely pace, not that im bragging in anyway. this is a beer that i can not recommend to any one, the look is off, the aroma was akin to breathing in the air around you and the taste, which some would say is the most important factor in beer, me included, took so much digging to find that the effortof finding it was immediately out weighted by the fact that i had to finish drinking this truly lifeless and uninspiring beer.

2 thoughts on “Big Head no carb beer – the review

  1. I’d still prefer this over a Pure Blonde just because the brewer makes some other awesome beers so I’d trust them to make it with decent ingredients. I would also drink this over a Corona in the heat because it doesn’t start to taste like urine when it gets a bit warm – unlike Corona which is in fact a Mexican joke on the rest of the world.

    1. Yeah agreed on that front, I also have a review of pure blonde coming up (spoiler it didn’t go well). What other beers should I look of from this brewer? I’m on a mission to drink all Australian brewed beers and review them.

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