the stupidity of men

so i witnessed what has to go down as the worse chat line ever uttered by a male ever, my old favourite used to be “you’re too hot for porn”, which was a wonderful chatline as it inferred that the speaker of said line both watches porn and that he finds the stars sexually unsatisfying, too that fellow i say Sasha grey.

That was the worse chat up line ive ever heard until last night when a male who i have the “pleasure” of knowing tried to get a women to bed with the line “i like to hit women, my ex has a restraining order against me”.

i wish i could make this stuff up sometimes. i hate humanity.


4 thoughts on “the stupidity of men

  1. Please be joking! I can’t believe somebody thought that would be a good line. Please confirm that, that guy has some kind of mental disorder. Something that would excuse saying such a thing.

    1. I’m not joking, I was in the room when thy said it. He seems like quite a normal guy both physically and mentally to me, although I don’t think either would ever make hitting a women excuse able. The thing I don’t get though, the thing I’ve been racking my brain about since it was said is how can a man reach 35 and one actually find a women willing to put up with that and two have no idea how to talk to the opposite sex.

      Although I feel I should point out that after this outburst naturally the room went quite and the atmosphere became somewhat tense, him sensing this got up and left. So I think he’s got some sense of decency about him.

  2. maybe he’s just throwing his kink out there right away. like, “i’m going to wait until you fall asleep and insert increasingly larger items into your butt.” clearing the air, you know?

    1. I love that, true he might be doing that but the whole restraining order thing makes me think he can’t control himself. I mean I like whips and chains as much as the next person, well maybe not rhianna but you know but even during those moments I always have her best safety in mind. Hence the safety word. The butt thing sounds like a personal experience.

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