Innis & Gunn Spiced Rum Finish – The Review

Hiya everybody, how do? You may have noticed that I recently reviewed another Innis & Gunn beer with a special finish (Canadian Cherrywood), but today it’s all about the Scottish brewery that everyone loves combined with the exotic sun-soaked flavours of Caribbean spiced rum. This is a bit of a digression, but I don’t really get why spiced rum is so popular in comparison with the dark stuff. Since Captain Morgan brought out their offering, you see it everywhere alongside other brands. Dark rum is so much better though! If I see an Innis & Gunn dark rum finish, I’ll be so happy and I can guarantee you it’ll score very highly.
That’s not to say that this beer was disappointing necessarily. In terms of trying something new, it’s always interesting to get hold of aged beer. The results are never quite like anything you’ve had before so that’s nice. But how good was it? There’s only one way to find out…

Vital Statistics

  • 7.4% ABV
  • Comes in 330ml bottles
  • Brewed in Scotland
  • Grains: Aromatic Barley Malt
  • Hops: Whitbread Golding

Look You can get a wee sense of what the box looks like from the I&G site. With the spiced rum finish, you get a ‘ships and maps’ design, harking back to all that rich naval history that has provided many a person with good rum over the years. There’s plenty of information about the beer, tasting and brewing notes etc, but no food pairing unlike the Cherrywood finish (I just think it’s nice to give people the option of a pairing).

In the glass there’s not too much to say. It’s a coppery brown colour and the head dissipates quickly.                                                                                                6/10

Aroma I get a bit of nutmeg and some light raisiny notes. It was quite hard to ‘get much’ from this one, it’s not as expressive as I’d have hoped. The box says it’s “Rich and pudding-like – baked apples and pears with hints of dried fruit and oak.” Well, dried fruit and oak maybe, don’t know where they got the rest from…                                       6/10

Taste I don’t mean to be rude, but my first note was “Meh.” You get some oaky notes, but they seem like they’re from the barrel rather than the rum. It has an earthy finish and a touch of spiciness but not that much. It seems sort of flat on the tongue… it’s a long finish, but quite a simple one. Again, doesn’t really stack up next to others I’ve tried. 6/10

Value Can’t argue much here, £1.49 paid for a 330ml bottle and at 7.4% you have your alcoholic bang for buck. The only thing is, I wouldn’t get another, even at this price. It wasn’t god-awful, but I’d put the money toward getting something else, put it that way. 8/10

Session Again with these high-alcohol beers, there’s a question as to their suitability for drinking lots – depends on how you want your session to go! As I had more, though, I didn’t get lots of rich, deep flavours that developed more and more. As I said, the flavours were quite ‘simple’ (perhaps I meant ‘light’) and there’s not much to be gained from drinking more apart from getting merry.                                                                    4/10

I know this sentiment might be a little worn by now, but if you love spiced rum, don’t let me put you off trying this. I don’t think spiced rum lovers will find it particularly mind-blowing either, but you don’t know until you’ve given it a go. The last word is that I&G do better beer (for my tastes, certainly).

Final Score: 60%

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