Festive Cloudy Ale – The Review


Vital stats

  • 500 ml bottle
  • Available from Aldi (my current closest provider of beer)
  • 4.6%
  • Available seasonally during the summer months.

Imagine my surprise when I poured this beer into the glass and it was cloudy, i mean i was totally unprepared for that fact, i mean the brewer should really give its patrons more warning than they did. On a less sarcastic note, the beer was golden in colour but very surprising – considering its thick and cloudy colour it revealed very little in the head stakes. Despite this failing, I give it eight as this is a cloudy ale and is meant to be headless. Whether I agree with this state or not, they have delivered on that fact.

Apparently hops are important to the taste of a beer, well if that’s the case then someone at storm brewing was right on the money with this beer. It had a very pleasant smell of hops with a full kick to the nostrils that was citrus. Wonderfully citrusy and hoppy.

This beer seems to see-saw between hoppy and citrusy. I can’t make my mind up with this one, I like it but I don’t know if I could handle more than one. It’s quite a disconcerting beer in reality, I mean i don’t like big flavours in my beer and this delivers on that but in a way that faded so quickly that it wasn’t too aggressive.


This was a mid-range priced beer that I picked up purely to review. It was well priced and for what I got out of it I’m gonna give it a six.


This beer started off with so much promise but quickly faded into nothing. A good look and strong aroma were sadly let down by a flavour profile that couldn’t make up its mind, it kept see-sawing between two different flavours, it wasn’t sure whether it wanted to be an ale or a fruity summer beer meant to be drank in the garden. The taste is not the biggest sin of this beer though. As you can no doubt imagine, I usually do the notes for these beers a couple of weeks in advance of writing them. Sometimes, a couple of months go by before I commit these notes to the page, I drink a lot of beer and my English doesn’t improve in any way when drunk. With that in mind, the biggest sin of this beer is that it’s completely forgettable; I have zero recollection of drinking it other than my notes.

Final score: 50/100


2 thoughts on “Festive Cloudy Ale – The Review

  1. Thanks for reviewing this. I’ve tried a few of the other mystery no-brand beers at Aldi and had high hopes that I’d find something good but so far it’s all thoroughly awful. The Storm Pale Ale is shit. I have stumbled across good beers in the store, but they don’t last long.

    1. Yeah, same here. Occasionally they have something fantastic that I can’t get enough off but most of the time it’s this, although they do rather good whiskey IMHO

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