Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei Export Lager – The Review

DSCN1201I’m going to review something a bit unusual for me today – a lager. And it’s not even craft brewed! I have some sentimental reasons for looking at this. Basically, when I was an undergraduate student in Ormskirk I’d often drink this. You may think I’m being silly, but this drink has been with me during all sorts of house parties and footy matches on the telly. Since I was down in Ormskirk recently, I thought I’d nip in the shop I used to get it from. At first I couldn’t find it and assumed they must’ve stopped selling it, but as I turned to go I saw it was there – just in a slightly different can.

So what exactly am I fussing about? Well, read on and find out!

Vital Statistics

Look The tin is nothing special, of course – simple and to the point, proudly displaying ‘D’, ‘A’ and, my personal favourite, ‘B’ along with DAB‘s date of inception, 1868. Also they put on some medals which their pale beer has won, (two “Grand Prix” at the 1900 and 1937 world fairs, as well as a Prussian state medal in 1913).

In the glass it’s a light golden honey/straw colour. There’s fizz, but not to the point of big belch-inducing gassiness. There’s a bit of head and it dissipates quickly.   7/10

Aroma Really heavenly malty, you can almost smell the husks. Fresh and expressive, it’s one of the nicest smells from a tinned lager. There’s a good bit of bitterness too from the hops and not a hint of that dirty metallicness you occasionally find with lesser mass-produced efforts.   8/10

Taste Mmm, very nice. You get a really refreshing creaminess due to the way they’ve malted it, which gives it a great mouthfeel. Texture aside, the malt gives a, well, malty flavour! Sort of get a nice bit of almost honey in there too, presumably from residual sugars, and a distinct yet subtle bitter hoppiness. Really tremendous for a lager.   7/10

Value It was something like £4.79 for a four pack (I realise that makes me sound classy as hell, but I don’t care!). It was a little cheaper back in the day when I first started getting it, but I think it’s fine. It’s good enough to savour – it’s a real pleasure and I’d pay even a wee bit more before I started to grumble.   8/10

The Session It’s not too strong at 5%, it has a great flavour I just can’t get tired of, it’s not too gassy and, like most continental beers worth their history, it’s crisp and un-preservatived, meaning your head’ll be much better the next day compared to a lot of other lagers I could mention… Believe me, I have tested it on quite a few occasions, so I know what I’m talking about here. Goes with any occasion really, very enjoyable (especially when drunk responsibly!).   10/10

There’s not really much I can say against it. Sure, it’s a lager so it doesn’t score as highly in terms of taste as an ale that has the body to carry off bigger, more diverse flavours. Having said that, it has a much more enjoyable taste than so many other drinks, plus its light and refreshing qualities make it perfect for a bigger session. My friend, you have been a loyal servant to me over the years – I know we’ll stay in touch for many more to come!

Final Score: 80%


6 thoughts on “Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei Export Lager – The Review

  1. I used to drink DAB when I was piss poor graduate a few years back, circa 2007/2008; they used to sell it in Oddbins or Threshers. Whatever the off-licence was, it’s now a fancy deli. Off-licences were closing down like crazy during the recession.

    I had fond memories of it, although it was ridiculously cheap at £4 for a 4 pack it tasted great, or so I remembered – it’s been a while since I’ve last drunk or seen it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read your review, it might have shattered my fond nostalgia, but it’s good to see your impression of DAB holds up to my own recollection. Nicely done.

    1. Hey – we must be men of taste!
      Hope you enjoy some again soon 🙂

  2. i saw this in the local the other day and i was tempted to pick it up, i decided on a porter instead, a decision i live to regret. its strange how you both discovered this during your uni days though.

    1. Strange is right! What porter was it?

      1. a rather generic aussie one, i can’t remember the name of. i think i reviewed it though

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