Pure blonde – the long awaited review

Pure Blonde is another of those low carb beers I was drinking just after Christmas and this is a strange one for me. Although I am currently traveling around Australia, this is not the first time i have been here – I first came over when i was 21 with my grandad who wanted to see Australia one last time before he passed away. It seems that Australia was where he jumped ship following WW2 and spent many years in exile and on the run from the authorities. I think its important to point out that he was apprehended and did his time in prison. It appeared that my grandmother was the one thing he couldn’t live without so he came back for her.
So six years ago, my grandad, sensing that the end was near, decided to come back and visit this country. My family decided that he needed a chaperone and I was volunteered to be that person, I mean I wasn’t even in the city when this decision was made. When I came over it was the first time I had ever meet my extended family, naturally I was somewhat nervous and I dealt with this the same way the British deal with most problems, I drank. Thankfully my family drank with me and, boy, did we drink a lot on that whirlwind trip. So after drinking and sampling a lot of Australian beers, I grew to have very fond memories of many them, most importantly this one. I think there are a number of reasons for this.
1. I had not developed a discerning taste when it came to the beer. I was to develop that a year later when I hit university.
2. I really enjoyed Australia. I mean, there is a reason i decided to come back, after all, but think the good weather and general good time I had made me remember these beers through rose-tinted glasses because on my latest sampling I had no idea why this beer had taken such a prized place in my memory.
  • 374 ml stubbies or bottles
  • 4.6% Abv
  • Low carb
  • A lager that compliments any food.
Green in colour with a head that started off promising but quickly faded to just a few bits clinging to the top for dear life. Fairly active but ultimately I found it unappealing, mostly down to the sickly green coIour.
A powerfully bitter aroma that’s quite off-putting. It smells exactly like what it is, cheap lager. Although at least it’s tried which is more than can be said about most Aussie beers.
Am I allowed to say rancid because that’s exactly what this beer tastes like. I’m struggling to find anything redeeming about this beer. Avoid at all cost.
So this was quite a cheap beer and, as a result, can be picked up anywhere and for the good of everything holy don’t pick this beer up. Buy anything else – it’s just not worth it.
The session:
That rancid taste does not help this beer survive the second one and as a result it scores low yet again.
Well, there it is: a review that has been a long time in the making. I am very upset to have had such a bad time with this beer, as I said I had very fond memories of this beer and for me it represents a very good time in my life. This is also my final beer from Carlton United Brewery and what I hope will be my last.
Final score: 22%

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