Bitburg beer – the review

so this week i take a break from Australia and returned to have a look at one of germanys most popular beers,German beers for me are usually a safe bet, there usually well made, thanks to that aged old purity law with a high enough ABV that i only need a couple to get me somewhat inebriated, truth be told im somewhat of a Germophile, i like their culture, i like their history and until i tasted this beer i liked their beer. so without any furthur ado lets get down to this thing (im sorry for that attempt at being street, i truly am).
Vital statics:
  • 5% apv
  • Germany’s most popular draft lager
  • comes in any vessel that you wish to drink it from
the beer presented as Yellow in colour, my young cousin described it as looking like pee,
which kind of destroyed it for me. it also had a very large promising head but this dissipated quickly, which is quiet rare in my experience for beers from the continent, especially those of Germany.
Nothing, i mean nothing, this would give Australian beers a run for their money with its sheer blandness.
An ever so Slight bitterness, nothing more i can say here. these mass markets lagers really don’t rate well do they? nothing to write about here, another dud of epic proportions.
naturally it was pretty cheap beer, i think that’s what these mass market beers do better than anything else, they produce consistent cheap beer, shame that consistency comes at the cost off all flavour and any substance.
the session:
this was a easy beer to drink over a long time, i mean it has no real flavour or aroma so in many ways it was just like drinking water, if i wanted something a kin to water though i’d turn on the tap and drink it, im not a child when i drink beer i like to know that im drinking beer.
this was a very disappointing beer on all levels and i don’t think i shall ever partake in it again, bland is quite possibly the only word i could use to describe it, there was no real taste, no aroma and it just lacked anything interesting or compelling that i could latch onto. the funny thing about this blandness though is its completely lacks anything that could deemed offensive and as a result you could happily drink this, get drunk and never know any different until the next morning when the inevitable head splitting hangover hits you, this may please some but for me i would rather drink two beers with real substance than this bland beer ever again.

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