The “half pint, pint glass”


i am an unadulterated pint drinker, its how my father drank his pint and his fathers father and so on and so forth. its not just tradition though that keeps me coming back to the pint, as you can probably tell im a bit of a beer lover, although loving beer fills those around me with warm thoughts of sophistication and class it doesn’t help much with my waist line, i am a large gentleman, a proud large gentleman but unfortunately when i pick up a half pint glass i feel like a giant about to crush it in my big strong hands. i know this is all in my head but im a big man and have big appetites that can only be placated by a large drinking vessel, preferably one proportionate to my body.

now i know my situation is a rather unique one, there is a reason for the half pint, i know plenty of people who only drink halfs, they are women but im assured that they are still people. there is also the designated driver who’ll have a half rather than the pint, this is responsible and i love them for it because it means i can get drunker. plus many other reason to drink the small half pint. well for those people who have no choice but to drink a half there is now a product for you, may i present the “half a pint, pint glass”. this glass is simply a glass with the volume of a half pint but with the looks of a pint glass. it can be bought here:

so now you the humble half pint drinker will no longer have to live with the shame and regret of your choice of drinking vessel, you can make everyone in the pub think your drinking a pint, if you keep the glass at just the right angle of course.

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