A typical week on the farm

 Servicing a harvester
       takign it apart,  Cleaning it , painting the   disrupters
Doing donuts in a forklift
Cleaned an  incinerator
Eat dinner
Rebuild Said incinerator
Painted fertilisers
Started reading wishful drinking
Read the selfish giant
Read irredeemable
Read another chapter of huckleberry Finn
Took down a barb wire fence
Herded some sheep
Took forklift off road
Took a ride on a tractor
Picked up some irrigation pipes
Finished reading wishful drinking
Another chapter of huckleberry Finn, damn this book is tedious
Crashed a car
Laid in a field
Walked bear footed through a snake infested field
Waded into a snake infested swamp bear footed
Stopped motorway traffic to herd sheep
Fixed fence that allowed sheep to escape
Witnessed a car accident
Covered up said accident
Another chapter of huckleberry Finn.
Started reading daredevil
Took all the sprinklers from an acre of field
Cleaned out some gutters
Helped a sheep who got stuck on a fence
Went to watch the muppet movie
Wrestled a dog.
Sat around a camp fire with a group of strangers
Drank some beer
Herded some different sheep.
had weekend off
rinse and repeat.

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