One fifty lashes pale ale: the review


Vital stats:


it was a very Apache beer with a substantial amount of carbonation topped off with a nice robust head, a beautifully standard pale ale that I find myself coming back to time and time again.



the aroma is meant to invite the drinker in, just like we would take a great big wiff of our dinner before digging in a strong smelling beer is meant to act in the same fashion, it is meant to invite me in, to like like a preview of what is too come. I want to smell the hops, I consider it a slight preview of the beer I am about to enjoy but not in this case, the beer smells of nothing, like most of Australia beers this promises but sadly can never quite deliver on that promise.



a very smooth beer with a slightly hoppy taste, no aftertaste to speak off and it went down very well, a little too well, this has quickly become one of my go too beers at my current local. A good solid well flavored beer, i wish i had more to say.



I have experienced this beer in every form available, I’ve had it on draught and from the bottle and it travels well, a beer thats equally as good in both is a very rare thing. it varies in price widely so look around for the best deal.


The session:

this beer goes down very well, a single beer quickly turns into a second and the second quickly becomes a 6 pack and before you know it you’ve got a nice buzz going while your watching the television, I know I leave an exciting life.


sadly this beers lack of any substantial aroma has affected its score, if the scores had played out differently this could have been a very high scoring beer. this has been one of the highlights for me on this leg of my Australian journey, it has a good solid look, with a head that held as long as the pint did, a flavour that wasn’t to over powering but wasnt hard to locate either and i think was priced very well , this has become my go to beers recently and i’d recommend it highly to you all.



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