Matilda bay redback – the review

Redback History
so we continue not only are Australian beers but with are beers brewed in Melbourne this time. this beer comes from Matilda bay which according to the official website was a craft brewer until they were purchased by CUB, many people have recommended this brewery to me, so over the course of the next couple of weeks i shall be taking a look at all their major brews to see if they live up to the hype. so lets start with their lovely wheat beer.
Vital statistics:
  • ABV4.7%
  • IBU18
  • HOPS Pride of Ringwood
  • MALTS Pale, Wheat Malt
  • brewed in melbourne australia
i think they had a committee meeting at Matilda bay when they were designing this, the brewers decided to make a wheat beer, now we all know that traditional wheat beers are cloudy and full bodied, a bit like my self if i do say so. i think one of the executive team then stood up and said
“ok, so it a larger?”
to which he got the very resonable response of;
“no, its a wheat beer, they tend to be cloudy”
to which i’m sure they received the comment;
“well Australians like larger can you make it look like a larger, your not allowed to make it unless it looks like larger”
now im not privy to this conversation but i have no doubt that how it happens. i guess what im trying to say is this beer looks like a lager, this looks very different from what i was expecting, i was expecting it to be cloudy and lively and instead what i got was a larger which although nice with its lifeless body is a long way from what i was expecting from this beer. this was not a normal wheat beer and that was something i was looking forward to greatly, ive missed wheat beer and i find them awfully refreshing in the winter months.
they have distanced themselves from the rest of the pack in this area though, while other Aussie beers have failed to deliver this delivers a beautiful aroma, i got a Strong smell of bananas and that is by far one of my favorite flavors. this scores off the charts on that front. a huge thumbs up from me.
with this beer it is better to sip rather than gulp, if you gulp this beer as i am one to do you will get nothing, all the flavour will be lost, this beer is quite delicate, another strange thing considering this is supposed to be a wheat beer because i’m used to them being big on flavour, saying that though when i found the flavour this beer had a slight taste of bananas and a slightly bitter after taste but it was quite difficult to find.
you can pick this up for a quite reasonable price but we’ve said it once we’ll say it again this section is completely arbitrary to how we feel about the beer, i brought this beer a long time a go, as i am one to do i tend to sit on these reviews until i can get the time to write and i think the biggest indication i have about this beer is that i have no desire to drink it again, ive been in to the bottle shop literally dozens of times and i have not once even given this beer a second thought, saying that though i still think this beer has some value and have scored it accordingly.
The session
this is a nice session beer all things considered, if you get the sipping correct this beer will deliver a lovely bouquet of sweet bananas that i found truly delightful, sadly it wasnt nearly enough to keep me coming back to this beer. a nice middle of the road beer in this category.
i had high hopes for this beer, what with winter coming in and the days getting colder i wanted to move away from the pale ales and into a nice intermediate between them and stouts, normally in this situation i would drink some wheat beers but i struggled to find them in australia, i thought this was to be my salvation and although it didnt look like a wheat beer should it delivered a kick to the scrotum with the aroma. sadly the strong aroma was not an indication of a strong flavour, this beers flavor was difficult to locate and although when it was discovered it was a delicate surprise i personally found it just a little too difficult to find, therefore hampering this beers session ability.

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