Mountain goat steam ale

Another Melbournian beer for you all tonight, this ones comes from mountain goat the little craft brewer that could. i recently went to their brewery for a drink or two and they tell this story of how they started the brewery, when they started it they put up a car, a house and two surf boards in order to get the capital and they’re proud of that, they’re fiercely independent and have seen huge amounts of success as a result of their commitment to beer. so in this review we take a look at their flagship beer.
this was a cloudy beer  with strong head that held onto the glass for dear life. it was Light and golden in colour. if Guinness is the chocolate of the beer world think of this as the vanilla, they have a very similar look only one is white one is black, one can dance the other must rely on the finger dance.
Slightly hoppy with a citrus kick but ultimately disappointing. sometimes i feel im too harsh in this category but ultimately coming to Australia has made this part of the beer drinking experience all the more important for me, the difference in beers from England and beers over here is a lesson in black and white, chalk and cheese, one has an aroma by nature one does not.
this has become a go to beer for me in this part of the world, you know what im talking about it has become one of those beers that you order because you cant really be bothered to think or deliberate with yourself, you know it well, its the reason you go mcdonalds just because you know exactly what you’ll get each time. this beer has wonderfully hoppy full flavour with an aftertaste of citrus.
this beer can be bought in most places in Victoria, i always find it nice that pubs and clubs are willing to support local jobs and local companies, makes me feel warm inside. so this has become one of my go to beers during my stay in Victoria but not in bottle form, when bottle shopping i tend to go for something ive never tried before but if im at the local and i have the choice between this and what ever lager Australia is trying to pass of as alcohol i’ll happily go for this. this is also the beer most likely to be on special so its a win win all round.
The session
despite it becoming one of my go to beers sadly it isnt the best session beer the strong flavours tend to become over powering and rather undrinkable, i would enjoy the first three pints and then i’d have to switch to something a little maltier.
this is a solid go to beer, it looks good in the glass, has some aroma and given the situation in Australia i’ll take this over many other beers. this is all followed up with a solid value and solid taste profile, it was sadly let down by my inability to drink more than a couple of them but i’d recommend you give this a try.

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