Mountain goat hightail ale – The review

hello and welcome, i hope you all had a fun and drunk weekend, i know i did although i was tea total this weekend due to having to keep my mind sharp and precise, today we continue on our one review a day theme, this is another Melbourne beer and another from the guys at mountain goat, yes i know that its seems im only reviewing beer from three companies but i assure you there is more to come and from lots of different places and brewerys. so I went on a lovely tour of mountain goat brewery and i had the pleasure of trying their entire range. so we reviewed their flagship beer last week (here) and today we will be looking at an ale inspired by my home country, we shall be looking at their hightail ale which is a amber ale by design.

Vital stats:

  • Brewed in Melbourne Australia
  • amber ale
  • 4.5% APV
  • comes in 330ml bottles

the beer was amber in colour with a large white head, a lovely looking pint delivered to me in a beautiful glass in a rather lovely pub inside the brewery, i mean i could do a whole post just about that place and i will more than likely in the next couple of weeks.

this Australian beer was rich in aroma, I got clear signs of both hops and malts. i think i may have fallen in love with this before i even took a sip, thats the power of a lovely aroma.

it was a surprisingly layered beer, on the first mouthful I got a hint of hops which was followed by a second taste of hops and a final hit of malty goodness. very much enjoyed.

a very expensive beer that I feel will tantalize you for the first drink but will fail to deliver for the second or the third.

i had this beer when i visited the brewery recently and i can say that it was a surprisingly good beer that i would have liked to have a second of but while at the brewery i was sampling, so i never got the chance to try that second this time, but i think i will be buying it again in the future. this was one of many i sampled at their brewery pub and i was impressed with it and would recommend it highly.



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