What I will be watching 2013/2014

2 broke girls:
Although certain parts of this show can be more miss than hit, I find myself tuning in week after week. I may be in the minority but I like kat Dennings, I really do and her humor speaks to me, I have experienced all the people that she comes across so I can relate.

I’m a massive comic fan, I currently have a pile of them next to my bed, thank you Liverpool library. Dc comics are the reason I read comics and Green Arrow is in my top five characters and this series while having a few issues, Ollie killing for example, has been a solid series and I look forward to seeing were they take Ollie next year, even if I have my suspicions about what is to come.

CSI – Crime scene investigation
this is a guilty pleasure of mine, I like this type of show even if every episode is exactly the same as the last, this is my safety blanket, I know exactly what I’m getting and I enjoy it, this is my favourite of the Csi family and i’m glad to see it coming back.

Its has Nathan Fillian in it, never a bad thing. This show tries hard to pull on the heart strings and has a tendency to get lost in its ridiculousness, especially when they decide a bottle episode is needed but I find myself laughing and loving the relationships that have formed on this show, I get the sense that everyone really enjoys making this show.

The smartest comedy on television makes a huge comeback this year, I felt last season was the weakest of all the shows series and I think its fair to say thats all down to Dan Harmon being removed from the show he created, well thankfully he is returning and I cant wait to start watching the back ground of all the episodes for his little sight gags, some of which take seasons to come to fruition.

the most recent addition to this list, this show deals with the consequences of you actions and growing up to become everything you hate. I cant go into the story a lot because anything I do will potentially spoil it, the second series just wrapped up, if you like sci fi or time travel shows, go out and hunt this down, you wont regret it.

Doctor who:
I abandoned this a series and a half, I’ve come to the conclusion that Moffet cant write the doctor, all my favourite episodes have been the episodes not written by him. This is on the list purely because of the new doctor, I want to see if they change the direction of this show, I want it to be fun again, something lacking in recent years.

Falling Skies :
This show just ended its third series, I’ve not watched the it yet though, I like to watch them all in one sitting, I like it when a series is short enough for that. Look out for my thoughts on this soon.

Franklin and bash:
Sadly another one I will be giving up on if this series doesn’t pull it back. This series was fun and quirky and I was totally in love with the bromance, sadly all of that has been stripped out and what we get in exchange is a show thats trying to be taken serious by tackling some serious issues, I prefered this when it was stupid and I didn’t have to think, Sometime television doesnt have to be serious it can just be fun.

having been forced to choose between glee and community I refused, I chose both. I have watched this series since day 1 and im a total gleek. I look forward to the next series, I make time to watch this every week, this is pure escapism for me and golly good fun to watch and sing along with. You may mock but I dont care because at least my heart is full of love.

How I Met Your Mother
this series is finally coming to an end, thank god. This has been a roller-coaster for me because this show used to be of such high quality and have a consistent message that I never missed an opportunity to watch, unfortunately this show has out stayed its welcome, I think they wanted to stop with series seven but then they got a huge pay check to extend it and alas what we got was 1 and a half series of filler crap and the worlds worse reveal, something I think they only did to appease us. What could have been an amazing send off has turned into a mind numbing ride. I have never been so emotionally invested in a show as I am in this and the end of this show is turning into a bad break up, im not happy its over im relived that I wont have to go through it again. I will be watching the final series if only to find out if it can redeem itself.

Modern Family:
Was late to the game with this, absolutely love it, everyone is watching it so don’t have to go over much.

New Girl:
Another fun show, its fun, quirky and I laugh so much watching it. I’m too much like nick for my own good sometimes.

A show that makes fun of other television shows is always a must for me, After 7 series its hard to say anything new about this series but I enjoy it but strangely wouldn’t recommend it.

The Big Bang Theory:
Need I say more, although some of the jokes are quite offensive to me being the massive geek I am, I adore this show. Same as psyche not much to say, if your not watching it start.

The mentalist:
This is another show that was on my watch list but then got removed, I gave up on this show fairly early in the last series. They just announced that Red John will be revealed this season so its back on the rotation, heres to this show reaching the quality of the previous seasons.


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