first few days in vietnam

after traveling for a very long time travelling to get to vietnam, that involved a 12 hour train journey from Melbourne to Sydney, a 9 hour flight to Singapore followed by a 16 hour lay over and finally a nice short three hour flight i made t safely to vietnam with barely a scratch on me, sadly though it was not all good news, for a dear friend of mine, my ukuelle failed to make the trip, goodbye my old friend you have been with me through thick and thin, through the good and the bad, through love lost and loved gained, you have been a constant in my life when all other things were collapsing around me, i shall miss playing on your taught strings in the small hours you never failed to cheer me up and i thank you for all you’ve done.

when i landed in hanoi i had some inital thoughts, read previous blog if your interested and although they were my first thought my second involved me getting lost, those who know me will not be surprised, i get lost in liverpool and i’ve lived there my whole life, so while lost ended up going down some filth ridden back street, needless to say not a good first impression. So i jumped on a rikshore, you know the type were someone bikes you around, well about half way through the guys sweating his balls off taps me on the shoulder and goes how much do you weigh, turned around to him and said a lot now keep going were almost up the hill. needless to say im rather large.

i wish i could tell you about all the exciting things im doing, ive natrually saw ho chi minh, the war museums and many temples and statues but currently i spend my days eating Vietnamese food, sleeping till mid day, singing, drinking beer and smoking Vietnamese tobacco. after the monotony of England, ive done the 9 til 5 job thing and i can honestly say this is the happiest ive been in a while and i never want to leave and this has nothing to do with the beer being so cheap.

because im talking to so many different nationalities my stutter is becoming a lot more pronounced, its been a long time since this has happened to this degree and its annoying me so, unfortunately a lot of people don’t get my accent and i think talking correct English is causing the problem.  Good damn why can’t people just let me talk scouse.

So I survived the great Vietnamese typhoon of 2014, nothing really to report it was a little bit of rain and some wind.

and finally Happiness is finding a ukulele shop in hanoi.

i hope you have a wonderful day because i love you.


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