Tiny Rebel Brewery ‘FUBAR’ – The Review

Tiny Rebel is a brewery that has come highly recommended to me by a local brewer (from Cross Bay in Morecambe, no less), so I tried and reviewed their ‘Urban IPA‘ a while back. I tried some of their others, too, and made some notes which I lost and have only just found. I’d better get typing them up!

I like to try and review more than one beer from each brewery I can, that way you should get a better picture of their character. ‘FUBAR‘ is a classic American Pale Ale style and, as with last time, bought from The Wineyard and Deli. In the last Tiny Rebel review I wouldn’t tell you what ‘FUBAR’ means, but since I’m reviewing it now it’s only fair. It’s a military acronym which stands for ‘f****d up beyond all repair’.

Vital Stats:

  • 4.4% ABV
  • 40 IBU
  • Comes in 330ml bottles, kegs and on draught.
  • Brewed in Newport, Wales
  • Champion Beer of Wales 2014, Runner up Champion Beer of Wales 2013

Look The iconic Tiny Rebel teddy bear sits next to a massive grenade. That may seem like a strange thing to do, but it certainly looks interesting on the shelf!

In the glass, it displays a light honey goldenness, tending toward orange. 7/10

Aroma I didn’t get a great deal of aroma at the time. A pleasant malty presence with not much to be said about the hops. Lacking in character, but mainly just when compared to the taste. 6/10

Taste Top notes of not overly-bitter hops. Extremely aromatic; pungent yet delicate, expressive yet restrained. Nice and flowery, as you’d expect from an American-style pale, with a woody, pine-like finish. Has a medium-length finish with a touch of spiciness. I’d most likely recommend this to people who aren’t ‘hop mad’ since it’s so balanced. 7/10

Value The bottles were £2.99 each, which isn’t bad, but really this is simply a style that doesn’t appeal too much to those of us who are used to more adventurous things. I’d buy more if it was on offer, but I’d rather get something else at this price. 6/10

Session I think this is a damn decent session beer. The flavours are bold enough without wrapping your tongue in a stifling taste bandage. Plus, the alcohol content is low enough to enjoy many in one night, which is always groovy. 8/10

This is a beer that will appeal to a great many people due to its relative inoffensiveness. It’s crafted well, sure, but not experimental or particularly bold, so for me it’s not great. I certainly can’t say it’s one of the beers to try before you die, but I’m sure you’ll probably enjoy it. Not a bad score for a beer that isn’t bad. Enough said really!

Total score: 68/100

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