Tiny Rebel ‘The Full Nelson’ – The Review

I’ve reviewed a couple of Tiny Rebel beers already, their ‘FUBAR‘ and ‘Urban IPA‘, to differing levels of acclaim. That being said, I hope these reviews make you curious enough to give at least one of them a go, and if my word’s not good enough, remember my mate from Cross Bay Brewery in Morecambe recommends them!

‘The Full Nelson’ is part of a welcome spate of beers from breweries experimenting with foreign hop types, in this case New Zealand natives. With such a small world, it’s always a shame not to give these things a go in the brewing process, but my thought is that I’d like to see a few more mixes (i.e. English, New Zealand and German hops together, for example), but there we go. Without further ado, here’s the review.

Vital Stats:

  • 4.8% ABV
  • 45 IBU
  • Available in 330ml bottles, in kegs and on draught
  • Hops: Nelson Sauvin
  • Malt: Munich
  • Brewed in Newport, Wales

Look The star of the show, the Tiny Rebel teddy, is centre-stage on the bottle, next to a Maori design. It’s pretty eye-catching, I guess, not massively colourful though.

In the glass, the drink is a pale orange. The TR website says “golden”… 6/10

Aroma Ah yes, very impressive and much more expressive than the ‘FUBAR’ for me. Lovely exotic grapefruit notes and a floral bouquet. Drool! 8/10

Taste I get exotic candied fruits leading to a dry, bitter finish and a hint of spiciness. The malt balances it nicely, so again you don’t have to be a huge hop-head to appreciate it. It’s a reasonably complex taste, with plenty to mull over, and has a decent, medium-long finish, though perhaps it was a little too dry for my personal taste. 8/10

Value At £2.99 per bottle, it’s the same price as the other two I’ve reviewed. The experience is worth the money, I’d say, though the Urban IPA is slightly more reasonable given its higher alcohol content and stronger, more complex taste. 7/10

Session There’s plenty to chew over with this lovely little ale. Flavours do develop on the palate as the night goes on, yet, again, the way the brewers have balanced the beer prevents the taste from blinding your ‘buds. At 4.8% you have to be respectful, but can enjoy quite a few before you need to go to bed. 7/10

There’s certainly a hierarchy for me – FUBAR, Full Nelson and Urban IPA in ascending order of awesomeness. The Full Nelson is great for people who like the experimental hop game, and you could even get it as a gift for a beer-lover with some kind of New Zealand connection (rugby and/or holiday). It’s charming enough – look out for it but defo don’t miss the Urban IPA!

Final score: 72/100

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