James Squire: Nine Tales Amber Ale


Today we take a much needed trip away from Melbourne to its big Australian rival, Sydney. this brewery is situated in NSW and although we will never answer the immortal question of which is better Melbourne or Sydney we can at least enjoy the beers that both of these fine cities produce.

Vital stats
STYLE English brown ale
HOPS Super Pride, Willamette
MALTS Pale, Crystal
ABV 5.0%
brewed Sdyney, Australia

Amber in color, I guess it had to get its name from somewhere. With a rather large head that clung beautifully to the glass with each mouthful I took. The head was stark white. Very slight carbonation.


a warm malty smell that although very weak was a nice change of pace from the usual fair. quite inviting.


this is where this beer really shown for me. It was a delight to drink and although I was incapable of taking my normal big mouthful, I am a man who enjoys the pleasures of life and I enjoy them at a pace not conducive to everyday life, I take mouthfuls of my beer, stuff too much food in my mouth and over indulge far too often, saying that, I did enjoye sipping and tentatively embracing this beer rather than taking my normal big gulps. very warm and fulfilling.



there is not much to say in this area, i enjoyed and consider it great value for money.


the session
the same thing that made it impossible for me to gulp this beer also make it difficult to enjoy during an all day session. The flavour became too distracting over time and I found this a little off putting after a couple of pints. most definitely a sitting down watching a movie beer rather than a sitting on the beach having a bbq beer, which is a shame in my opinion.

if your in Australia and your looking for a solid beer to break the monotony of lager with zero flavour or substance you cant go wrong with this beer or any of the others from the James squire brewery. it has a good inviting aroma followed by nuanced flavour, it ticks all the boxes for me except for the session, like i said i enjoyed the first pint but the second became to strong and the third became very distracting indeed. despite these misgiving you cant turn down a solid beer when in australia, i give this a solid try from me.



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