India Red ale by mountain goat – the review


so I went on a lovely tour of mountain goat brewery recently, this is a Melbourne based brewery that was founded when the owners decided that beer was more important than surfing, for those who don’t know this is practically sacrilegious in Australia, this brewery tour is free and available on a Wednesday night, if your ever in Melbourne i recommend that you head down to their brewery bar as it one of the better pubs in Melbourne, truth be told though that previous statement isnt that hard due to the cities complete lack of any culture but this is about beer and not my personal feelings toward any particular geographical location.

Vital stats

  • Style: India Red Ale
  • Strength: 6.6%
  • Bitterness: 60 IBU
  • come in 330ml bottles
  • brewed in Melbourne, Australia

the beer was amber in colour with a large white head, a lovely looking point delivered to me in a beautiful glass, in quite possibly my favourite venue in melbourne.

an Australian beer that was rich in aroma, I got clear signs of both hops and malt.

a surprisingly layered beer, on the first mouthful I got a hint of hops which was followed by a taste of stronger yet somehow different hoppy goodness with a final hit of malty goodness

a very expensive beer that I feel will tantalize you for the first drink but will fail to deliver for the second or the third.

a surprisingly good beer that i would have liked to have a second off but I was sampling on this occasion rather than sessioning. i decided to do the what some would consider foolish and try all the beers on the board, i believe 16 were offered on my tour and needless to say it wasnt very long before reviews were the last thing on my mind.


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