Xxxx gold: The review

so today I continue my travels through the beers of Australia, today I unfortunately take a look at one of the nations favourite tipples, if you have been following me for sometime you may be aware that doesn’t bode well for this beer. I recently took the time to go on a couple of brewery tours in the Melbourne area and took photos and did some write ups on them and everything but due to the way I work they are lost to the world along with many other beer reviews, I do back up but only when ive finished something rather than during, so when my hard drive failed I lost many pages of notes etc, this unfortunately meant I will leaving oz far quicker than I planned on the site, I landed back in England two weeks ago and although its nice to be back ive been reaxing and transiistioning back to England beer and generally not doing many reviews, the biggest shame of coming back to England though is that this will be the last beer I review from Australia for a long time, incase you cant tell this didn’t go down well and its such a shame because towards the end I was finding some very rare and fantastic beers in the land down under.

  • Mid Strength Lager
  • 3.5% APV
  • comes in
  • •    375mL Stubbies
    •    375mL Cans
    •    750ML Tallies
    •    Tap King
    •    On tap at your local!
  • Brewed in Queensland Australia
  • the locals call it XXXX because they cant spell beer (oz humor)


this is one of Australia’s most popular and as a result it looks like every Australian lager, it was golden with lots of bubbles and a stark white head. The head lasted a decent amount of time but sadly the look was the best thing about this beer. the mainstream brewers do seem to have the look down well, shame about the taste though.



like most Australian mainstream beers this beer had very little aroma to offer us, this beer had a slightly hoppy smell but by golly did I have to look hard for it.



this lager was truly awful, normally these beers aren’t known for their flavour but this was just offensive to my pallet. this is a lower APV beer and normally speaking they go down well with a far less harsh flavour profile. this was not the case here though, it burnt my throat ever so slightly on its way down and had a nasty off taste. Avoid at all costs.



there is nothing good to write about this beer, this is the one and only time I will ever write about this beer, I don’t care how cheap this beer is avoid at all costs, this is proberley one of those beers I wouldn’t drink if someone offered it to me for free at a party and believe me i’m very British in this regard.


the session:

now many of you would think that I had a bad pint of this when tasting but no, I unfortunately like I am one to do brought a 6 pack of these and drank two of them in order to do this review, I didn’t even drink the last four, after several months of them being in my fridge I gave them away to someone far less discerning that myself, I think that person now hates me. needless to say the foul taste did not go away but merely intensified as the beers went on.


this beer and beer like it make me angry, this is one of Australia’s best selling beers, I’ve literally held conversations with proud Australians, these tend to be the ones with mullets moaning about how immigrants ruined this country completely unaware of his own countries history, who claim that this beer is superior to everything England has, how Australian beer is superior to all other countries by the sheer fact its Australian, well im going to let those people in on something because getting angry and voicing opinions from the safety of my bedroom is what the internet is all about, this is not only the worst beer I had while in Australia and thats saying something but this may be the worse beer ive had to date. now im rather new to the craft beer scene and im trying as many new beers as possible to catch up as it where but I do know a bad beer when I tast one and this is just awful. avoid at all costs. the main reason this makes me angry though is that its so popular when there are far superior beers out there and people buy this pig swill and act like its the greatest thing ever. im telling you there are better beers out there people.



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