Thwaites dark mild: the review

So after a year in Australia and a combined travel time of 47 hours hours to get home, im quite cheap at times, i landed safely in England and like most people would have murdered for a nice pint of local beer, This for me meant a nice pint of mild, I’m the dark beer lover here and its my go to type, the more malt the better and my favorite type has got to be the humble mild, i like the nuanced flavor, the refreshing feel and the fact that its not as heavy as a stout or porter, i’ve even reviewed one of them for the site here, mild is my go to beer when ever i get a chance and it was a nice taste of home when i arrived, Sadly though its becoming harder and harder to get hold of and after a lot of looking i found some at the local supermarket, i hope they don’t stop making it though because i’d be lost without it.

Vital statistics

1. dark mild
2. brewed in England
3. 3.2% ABV.
4. 1.4 UK Units


Like I said I wanted a dark beer and that is exactly what I got, it was black with a slightly brown off colour head, which was not long for this world. God its good to be back in England and taste a beer with some substance.



there was malt, thank god there was Malt, it was wonderful, ive missed it so much. It was warm, welcoming and decidedly British, it was like that blanket that you always liked to sleep when when you were a child, i found it comforting and familiar. despite my excitement when i first tasted this beer i naturally placed my reviewers hat back on and gave it a six because although it was nice to drink something with flavor again i couldn’t help but notice that this was decidely middle of the road in the aroma department.



This is bursting with a multi layered flavor, firstly you get the melt that had been so prevalent in the aroma but was followed by a lovely warm roasted flavour. this was a lot more than i was expecting from such a cheap supermarket beer.


this is a supermarket beer and as a result i wasn’t expecting too much, this mild proved me wrong though, its aroma was just above middling but the taste proved to be a one two punch of both malt and a warm roasted flavour, a surprise buy especially considering i got four of them for less than 4 pounds.


one of the very things about a mild is your ability to session it, its low alcohol and for lack of a better word mild flavour makes this a perfect session beer, in this regards the thwaites mild is spot on, i enjoyed a lovely four pack of these and plan on doing so again, a great session beer thanks to the understated flavour.


in conclusion this was everything i wanted from a beer upon my return to England, it looked like a beer should, especially after the truly awful messes that passes for Australian beers, it had a inviting aroma that enveloped me and made me feel like i was finally home, this coupled with a wonderfully robust flavour and ability to session thsi beer made paul a very happy chap indeed. if your a mild fan like myself, there arent many of us under the age of 50 anymore then i recommend that you give this beer a try.



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