A brief note: 200 baby

hello all.

somehow i let our 1 year anniversary pass us by, this wasn’t a deliberate decision by me but was mainly due to Vietnam being so unbelivably awesome. so i thought i’d celebrate our 200th post. so when i got the hair brained idea to start this blog well over a year a go i had no idea if it would work or what i’d do with it. thankfully i was worrying over nothing and all proved well because ive been humbled by all that has happened.

so when i started i was a lone gunner but thankfully my friend martin decided to help while i ran around vietnam and other countries, good bless his cotton socks. below is a picture of the hansom devil.

10726602_708000882620745_418859829_n 10721008_708017165952450_715393643_nas you can see his rugged good looks is only matched by his insatiable to drink from an old wheelie.

so i feel its only important that both us get a showing in this post because you know fairness and whats not, not to mention this is a two pony show these days.

375442_10150502173713512_838140571_n 10336599_10152416608648512_2332832999973047507_n

as you can see we have a lot in common, when im not wearing a bowtie im thinking of wearing a bowtie.

lastly i would like to say a big thank you to you, thanks for the likes, the shares and the generally being awesome, without you’d we’d just be screaming into the void and isnt much fun alone.


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