Courage directors superior ale: the review

so i took a lovely little trip to my local shop today and thought id try one of the more readily available beers, yet not one i’ve tried previously, i choose to go to the supermarket because sometime you get some lovely little gems and it was easier to get there than go to my usual bottle shop, yes. i do i have one don’t you?

Vital stats:

  • 4.8%
  • Cask
  • Bottle
  • Can
  • brewed in Uk
  • ale


it came in you standard 500ml bottle that was quickly and with great intensity poured into my glass, when there it was a beer that was dark Ambar in colour, somewhat similiar to toffee. with a light smattering of head but it very quickly dissipated. this looked like a Standard ale and standard or middle of the road was to prove this beers epitaph.



surprisingly this beer was Bustling with a subtle aroma, this beer caressed my nasal passages the second i opened the bottle with its somewhat understated aroma of hops. left me wanting more that was never quite delivered though.



it had a slight bitterness with a very shallow texture that meant the taste quickly left your tongue, Its was a very middle of the road beer. Its was neither brilliant or offensive just ordinary, i would drink this if it was offered to me but i wouldn’t seek it out.



this was on special at my local supermarket for 3 for 5 pound (yes i am currently going through the whole range because why not). theres isnt much to say here other than this was a very average real ale but its still leaps ahead of what most mainstream lagers will offer you.



due to this beers middle of the road nature its actually quite a good beer to have on a session, its unoffensive aroma and taste make it perfect to just keep glusling through, sadly though this beer is just like a model, good for a while but lacking any real substance.


so this is a decidedly average ale, i contemplated giving it a 5 but refrained because i feel there is something there for a person who is just dipping his toes into something other than generic lagers, sadly if you want something else from this beer its surely lacking in all areas and while its superior to some, it pales in comparison to so many other ales that one can easily purchase in a multitude of places.

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