Review: Daleside Blonde Lagered Ale


All hail the ale!!  New contributor Tom here, this one was bought back by my parents from a recent trip to the Victorian spa town Harrowgate, in Yorkshire.  Tis from a local brewery in Yorkshire, Daleside, who have been brewing since the mid 1980’s and brew cask and premium bottled ales, one of which I’m reviewing for you today.

Vital Stats:

  • 4.3%
  • Brewed in UK, Harrowgate
  • Ale
  • Bottled Beer


Comes up a lovely clear gold colour with a nice frothy creamy white head.  The packaging of the bottle is a little understated and dull for my tastes, a bit plain Jane and they should repackage it if they are going to attract supermarket shoppers to give it a try.



The aroma is not particularly enticing to me but then again, I rarely enjoy the aroma of a blonde beer, much prefer the taste if I’m honest!  Has somewhat of a sickly smell to it and a hint of a beer stained pub carpet smell, not good!



This is what you pay your ticket to the game for and the taste is certainly unusual to me. The idea is somewhat of a hybrid, traditional Blonde English ale but cold-conditioned as a lager, hey I’m all for brewers coming up with something a lil left field!  An intensely sweet blonde flavour hits you which leaves a somewhat bitter after-taste.  The taste is very light and refreshing with a very small amount of fizz as the lager element comes in, so not leaving you gassed up to high heaven like the average lager, a little reminiscent of Cobra beer.  A citrusy hop taste pervades, the strange blonde/lager mix makes it interesting but also a little bland as it excels in neither.



Can be picked up for as little as £1.75 in Asda so its your typically priced budget real ale supermarket choice, although I’m not sure it’s something I would go out of my way to pick up in bulk.



The lightness and refreshing aspect of this ale makes it a solid choice as a session beer, neither too gassy or strong in percentage wise to adversely affect health and sanity over a boozy afternoon.



As someone who has a sweet tooth when it comes to lager/beer drinking in general this was one that slowly charmed me over time after initially being unimpressed at the lager/blonde real ale hybrid, though there is still a sense of it tasting a little like a gassed out lager… It is a bit of a strange mix of the two to be a real winner BUT its has many endearing qualities, such as its light, refreshing taste, lack of a normal lager gassy content and its suitability to eat with food and to drink the afternoon away to.  A perfect sunny afternoon beer in the back garden with smooth fm on in the background 🙂


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