mackenson stout: the review

So today we continue our look at beers you can get for under a fiver at your local supermarket, i would come up with a better title but i think brevity is not really my friend, if i can take 1000 words to say something i will more than likely use 2000, i have too much to say and i like to hear my own voice, as you can see i cant be stopped, so without any further ado lets get down to this review, its another stout i’m afraid but i’m assured by martin that something hoppy will come your way very soon.

Vital stats:

  • ALC 3% VOL.
  • 1.0 UK Units.
  • stout
  • brewed in England
  • 330ml can


this beer was brought to my attention mainly because it came in a black and white tinnie, this is quite rare for us Brits, were not privy to this rather interesting American virtue, although i have been informed that this will become more and more common over the next few years and i for one welcome it, its better for the environment and the more we can protect that the better.

it was a stark black beauty with a thick creamy full figured head, with large bubbles fighting there way to the surface, desperate for the freedom they deserve. A good solid looking stout.



it was very heavy on the malt, it was like being punched in the face with it and then hit over the head right afterwards, just to insure that the job was done, incredibly overpowering and somewhat distracting, not much else going on here.



somewhat surprisingly the taste was in complete contrast to the aroma,  the taste was soft and delicate but still packed a lot of malt, the taste didn’t linger either which I personally like, rather refreshing when all is said and done.



this is part of the me being poor range of beers and found it down my local supermarket, i enjoyed the beer and was able top pick up four for under a fiver, which is naturally quite nice but the beer didn’t go as far as i would have liked due to the small size of the present cans.



personally i found this to be a very capable session beer, my biggest qualm about it was the size of the cans, i drink from pint glasses and i like it but this can only filled half of my glass, i know its a little petty but i like what i like. that being said though the beer has a very delicate malty flavour that means you can enjoy it over and over again.


i would recommend that you all pick this up on your next trip to the supermarket, it looks amazing, taste like a stout should, is a fantastic session stout and if it came in pint cans i would more than likely drink this all the time. for me the only thing that really affected my enjoyment of this beer was the aroma which i found very over powering and off putting, something tells me this is down to the new tinnie container rather than anything else, British brewers just arent used to them just yet.



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