Whats in a name: Wobbly bob


welcome, this will be a new feature i am will be doing on the blog, i say feature like this is some big thing and truth be told its not, in this piece i am going to look at the origins of some of the more creative names within the brewing industry, we’ve all been there, sat in the pub and looked at some of the more peculiar names strewn across the taps, have you ever seen those names and thought to yourself “there must be a story behind that”.

well look no further because i am here to reveal all.

woobly bob was one of the first real ales i was iintroduced to during my formative real ale drinking years and i was rater intrigued by the name, so because it was my first experience of the real ale world it can also be your first experience of learning more about the wonderful world of naming beer.

when Phoenix brewery was first established they were a small outfit looking to make small batch beers in a world of mass produced mediocrity, so after being laid off the original staff set up a brewery in an old abandoned plant, they did the normal thing, they bought the equipment to make the beer, the premises and got a cat for the brewery, (this is an old tradition in breweries and is used mainly to keep the rat numbers down.) well when they were making one of the first batches of the fore mentioned beer they were struggling to find a name for it when one of them happened to catch the cat, who was named bob taking a cheeky sip of the beer, upon taking this sip the cat proceeded to fall over and was unable to regain his composure.and that my friend is were the name comes from, the simple act of a cat being too drunk to stand up due to the beers high alcoholic content.


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