Night boat London porter: the review

so today is my birthday and i would like to give you all a present, i have done this quick review, I’m sorry but true to my form its a rather dark ale.

Vital stats:

  • Porter
  • brewed in England
  • 5% apv
  • comes in 500ml bottles


It was black but appeared brown when held up to the light. Also a slight tinge of red, it also had stark white head that dissipated quickly, there was a lot to delight the eyes with this porter.



To say it smells heavenly would not be doing this porter justice. Malt with a undertones of happy goodness. This is everything I look for in my porters, there just isn’t any other way of putting it.



Bolder than your average porter with a slight light taste of hops followed by a big kick malty flavour. Sadly that first mouthful was delightful but the more I drank the more I could taste the alcohol. The alcohol became more pronounced with each mouthful and it spoiled it for me, i noticed less of the malt and more of the over proofed alcohol as time went on.



I got this from a very random delicatessen, I often frequent them in search of more interesting and electic beers, sadly I paid well over the odds for this beer considering what I got out of it.



That pronounced taste of alcohol didn’t disappear with the first bottle or even the second, such a disappointment considering what a great first impression it made.


this beer started off being amazing thanks to its interesting look and truly amazing aroma, i mean if you like your porters, close your eyes and think of their perfect smell and this is the porter you’ll think of, sadly this excellence did not continue in taste, this section naturally reflects the poor scores of the following sections. this is a porter that i just can’t recommend to anyone, started off so well and failed to deliver.



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