Corby Noir Stout: The Review

All hail fellow beer lovers! Today I am posting a review of Cumberland Breweries Corby Noir Stout, damn I love Stouts and I know a lot of you do too, so without further ado;

Vital Stats:

  • 4.5%
  • Stout
  • Brewed in England
  • Comes in 500ml bottles


Very dark brown almost black in colour, with a lovely frothy light brown head which stays throughout most of the duration of the drink, nice!



Kind of dull, not much going on to enliven the sniffer senses or provoke the taste buds, somewhat sickly sweet smell, a little like stale candy floss. Does mellow a little revealing more coffee overtones later on.



Expecting to love this Irish style stout from the offset I was disappointed on first mouthful swig from the glass, it tasted far too bitter to my palate, without any of the characteristics described on the bottle blurb noticeable.  I found it far too bitter and failed to pick up any distinctive characteristics.  But like any decent Prog rock album, the beholder was rewarded with patience, with each new taste the quality and flavours flowed through my mouth like a fish through water.

The taste is thick, creamy and distinctive, with the stated overtones of coffee and chocolate rearing there head more and more with each new sip, especially the chocolate. The bitterness remains but less pronounced, making for a pleasant, malty drinking experience, smooth & flavoursome.



Picked up inexpensively from Home Bargains, so not a beer that is going to break the bank, or even your kiddies piggy bank 🙂



A little heavy going for a session beer but lovely as an occasional one off.  Like a rich dessert, thick, creamy, warm & welcoming.  The beer equivalent of a loving hug off the honey monster, whatever that means.



An above average Stout, hearty, filling and flavoursome, a proper drinkers drink.  This aint one for the Carlsberg loving sissies out there!  Perfect Xmas time drink, one for the cold weather and spreading the malty festive joy.  Albeit a little too filling to get addicted too!


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