Coors light: the review

So we have a rule here at al hail the ale, you can only review a beer once and all beers are to be reviewed, it’s a simple philosophy and we took it on, its our motto, its our quest and we take it very seriously. this week I choose to review the three main American lagers, this has nothing to do with the associated untappd badge I swear.


It was Golden in colour, it was a standard middle of the road lager. A fairly standard American lager that you buy at any store. nothing special or interesting.



Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.



oh the taste, this is one of America’s most popular beers and much like America it promises much but fails to deliver in any way, and to think this was the place that popularised pizzas and burgers. It was very bitter with an off taste, avoid.



One of the few advantages of this beer is that it can be gotten almost anywhere for next to nothing, I got a six pack for less than five pound for example.



Say what you will about these mass market beers but their complete lack of flavour make them a pretty solid session beer, you could happily drink this all day long without ever being aware your drinking beer.


This gets a solid avoid from me, its complete lack of flavour and aroma will not surprise and it most definitely wont delight, its looks like you’d expect and can be procured quite cheaply but those don’t make this a good beer.



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