Budweiser: The review


So this time I take a look at another of Americas great beers, I say great with no sense of sarcasm, I swear, It really is a great beer, its like most things given to the world by america its all good. Like drones and nuclear weapons. Saying that though I’m not going to lie reviewing the main American beers has not been the most pleasurable thing I’ve ever done.

Vital stats:

  • 4.7% apv
  • brewed under license in Uk, originally from america
  • comes in 330ml bottles


This was dark and golden all at the same time. The head disappeared quickly. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing what Budweiser looks like I envy you, I really do because that means you have never had the pleasure of drinking budweiser.



It smelt Slightly stale, quite off putting and if I could give this a lower score I would.



Like most mass market beers there is nothing distinct about this beer, when asked I have always struggled to describe this to others, kind of like describing the taste of water, although that would no doubt give me more pleasure than this beer.



All things considered this beer can be gotten very cheaply, despite this its has zero value to you as a person, I wouldn’t drink this beer if it was offered to me for free.



Well I will have to contend that despite all I have said this beer can still be drank over a long period, its like drinking water, you wont know any difference and you might even get drunk, sadly you wont derive any pleasure on your way to getting drunk.


in case you couldn’t tell by now avoid this beer at all costs, i know i come across as a grumpy old man in this review and that because its true, i am. i can honestly say this beer has no redeeming features. not in look, aroma, taste or session and due to failing in all those areas



4 thoughts on “Budweiser: The review

  1. I was asked recently what I’d drink at a party and I honestly said I’d drink water before Budweiser. ( that’s why you sometimes have to bring your own supplies!)

    1. A man after my own heart. I have literally refused to drink this beer, I didn’t even get to mention the headache that comes the morning after this beer. I too take my own supplies, do you also take your own glass?

      1. Nah, as they might not make it home again. I’m a bit precious about my glasses. I have brought them with me when sharing a beer with one or two others, not a party with lots of people though….

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