Heineken: The review


So for my first beer after Christmas and I use the word beer very loosely, I have chosen, or been saddled as the case may be with quite arguably one of the worlds most well known beers. I have been saddled with Heineken, that beer that Holland inflicted on the world and I think I may be correct in thinking that it could be Holland biggest export since New York.

Vital statistics:

  • Lager
  • Brewed in the Netherlands
  • 5% Apv


Your standard golden lager with lots of bubbles and a white substantial head, its your standard looking lager and I think it doesn’t look all that bad, these beers never do, do they?



That slightly off taste smell we have come to expect from these lagers. Although unlike some of its contemporaries it can at least hold the claim to being a Little hoppy.



Slightly off, bitter taste that marrs many of these beers. when I first started drinking this beer I used to get a buzzing feeling at the front of my tongue and sadly my palletee has gotten to the point were even that’s a distant memory, its a shame i always enjoyed that aspect of this beer.



It can be had very cheaply in almost anywhere that sells beer, I’m sure some like it but I’d personally give it a miss now.



Like most beers in this mass market it’s a good session beer thanks mainly to its complete lack of flavour.


so here we have it, another mass market lager, i personally will never understand the obsession with lager but then I’m a massive beer snob it appears. this beer looks nice but much like anna kournikova it lacks any real substance, it fails on both aroma and taste and as a result i don’t think the value is 100% there. it is a pretty good session beer though but the only difference between this and water is that eventually this will get you drunk.



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