Black isle organic porter: the review


so I’m going to take a break from some of those truly vile lagers of late and go back to an old favourite of mine, the porter. I’m going to keep this brief and get right into it.

Vital stats:

  • porter
  • brewed in scotland
  • 4.8%
  • organic


it was naturally Black in colour with a Amber coloured head, standard porter.



it presented with a Nutty aroma but sadly it was Buried very deep.



it was very Nutty with a Full flavour that bursts like a bubble in the mouth. giving you a lovely surprise.



value is a subjective term as we know and I’m going to give this beer a rather high score, although not the cheapest beer around, it can be had for about 2.20 a bottle, i personally think this is perfect value for this.


in conclusion this is a pretty solid beer with a strong flavour, great look and somewhat hard to find aroma. all in all this is a well rounded porter that i think is excellent value for the money.



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