These are my confessions

Recently i moved house, now i know this isn’t very exciting or worthy of the page but bear with me if you will, during the move i was setting up the bar, now by bar i mean the corner of my living room were all the alcoholic drinks go and the top of the fridge were i place all my warm beer. now its not very exciting but its serves it purpose when I’m entertaining the ladies (note there are no ladies),when i was unpacking i was shocked when i saw all the beer glasses, i have a lot, im a little bit of a hoarder for beer glasses, now in my previous place i had no idea how many i had because they were all in a nice display cabinet in the kitchen, nothing quite so shocking, I’m sure many of us have the same thing, we are big drinkers after all. so this nice introduction is way of confessing my sins, the truth is i have never bought a single beer glass, i admit that i have stolen almost every pint glass from a drinking facility of some kind while in a drunken stupor. i don’t feel particularly guilty about this bout of narcolepsy because i must admit it is nice to drink the correct beer from the correct glass, i am the only one whose guilty of this or do the rest of you “borrow” glasses from your local?


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