Dayze ale: the review

so were going to take a little trip back in time for this beer, the notes for this beer were laid down a long time ago while i was still in Australia and i wasn’t even going to write this beer review up due to the sheer awfulness of it, I’ve had a lot of awful beers with this site and this has to rank as one of the worse.

Vital stats:

  • brewed for Aldi
  • 5% APV
  • brewed in australia


despite being called golden i found it to be dark in colour, it was quite lively but very little  head, a strange beer of many contrasts, it didn’t look too bad to my eyes, i would even go so far as to call it appetising.



another case of an Australian beer having nothing to offer the nasal cavity.



now I’m not going to pull any punches with this one, this beer was rather vile in my opinion, Aldi should just call this beer what it is, pure and simple this is a ginger beer and no amount of fancy labels or names designed to elicit warm feeling on behalf of the drinker is going to change that, despite what the labels claims this is a ginger beer and you know it from the first mouthful, this is a very overpowering beer and made me quite sick, aswell as ginger it was also very fruity. it was a truly vile beer to behold and i hope to never have the pleasure of it again.



so this is our most subjective category but avoid this beer at all costs, i think it would rather have that headache in a bottle that is budweiser over this and we all know how i feel about that (review here). to me this beer wouldn’t be worth the money at any price.



in case you haven’t already guessed this is not a very good session beer, the flavour only gets worse with each beer, it fails in all areas and i can’t recommend it to anyone.


i would recommend that you avoid this beer, it fails in every way and has no redeeming qualities in my eyes.


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