i just don’t get snap chat.


now i want to get one thing clear before we start, i am what you would call a geek, i always have been and i hope i always will be, i remember at 15 asking my parents for a dvd burner for christmas when they were all the range, now I’m told this is not a normal request for most 15 year olds, i remember queuing day one to get a t-mobile G1just so i could try this new android thing, it was not to last though due to android being awful in the beginning, although i am assured it has gotten a lot better as it were but i haven’t used it in along long time. i suppose this is my way of interviewing myself and proving that i am indeed a geek who tries to sit at the forefront of technology, i get a new phone every year and i have tried almost every mobile and desktop operating system that is currently available and was available, so its with some trepidation that i write this next sentence because honestly i don’t get snapchat and it appears as though i’m the only one.


now you may call me a grumpy old man, i dont use it and i dont use instragram (i much prefer flickr) either but i do at least understand what the point of the latter is. it appears to me that the type of people who use snapchat are those who send on every chain letter, resend every bbm broadcast (when i used BBm) or reposts every single emotionally manipulative post on Facebook, you know those annoying people we all moan about ruining our social networking experiences. i all too often hear the phrase “did you get my snapchat?”, no i never, how about you describe what you were doing and we can have a actual converstation, have we somehow boiled conversation between friends and aquinatences to a group of random photos that mean nothing out of the context of this one app. i dont need a running commentary on your life sent to my mobile, i really don’t, you wouldn’t come round to my house and force a picture of your dinner into my face and go look what i just ate but yet you’ll happily send me a pic on snapchat and deal me the inconvenience of having to deal with that notification, now i know some of you will say “but you can stop those notifications”, i know i can, im not stupid but its the over information of snapchat that gets to me, i dont need a running commentary of what your doing at every moment of the day and i don’t think anyone does, i don’t need to know what you ate for dinner or let alone that you have put new sheets on your bed (im assured that these are very common snapchats that are sent out to the world).

surely it doesn’t improve the fun your having in the moment right because i cant help but notice the sheer number of snapchats that people take on a night out, all with the same inane captions such as “drunk times”, this does not make you seem more fun, to me it comes across as desperate and attention seeking, its like the person who insists on telling you they work out, no one cares what you do, please keep it to yourself. i suppose this is my way of telling you that you’re a rather boring person and no amount of fancy writing or emoticons is going to hide that, i know this because im a very boring person myself, today i have done my house work and played on my ps4, the difference is i didn’t send you a million pictures of the day so i get to keep some mystery and when i see my friends later in the week i’ll be able to have a converstation with them about what I’ve done, like friends sound.

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