Newcastle brown ale to change its recipe because “murica”


Those weak willed people over the pond have taken a offence to the chemical that gives newcastle brown ale it distinctive colour, this is despite the british, european (the truly crazy ones) and the american food agencies all saying the chemical is safe to consume. so because some people are naturally worried about what goes into their foods, heineken the owners of the brewery have decided to bow to the pressures from this minority and will remove the chemical. This must have been a difficult decision for the group as its this chemical that gives the beer its distinct colour, which leads me to the question, can it still be nukie brown without the brown? A spokesman for Heineken confirmed: “We are in the process of changing our recipe for Newcastle Brown Ale and it will no longer include caramel colouring. “The amount used in Newcastle Brown Ale is well within the recommended safe levels set by these bodies. “However, we listened to consumer concerns that have been expressed, particularly in the USA, and chose to review our recipe. “We will now achieve the distinctive colouring and flavour of Newcastle Brown Ale, that our consumers enjoy, by using roasted malts instead.” I’m curious if this will change the taste, in my opinion it most likely wont make any difference to anyone but the most craziest of fans, also any time a chemical is removed and replaced with something as natural as malts, im inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. im sure the people of newcastle will embrace this news like they embrace all new things, in case you couldn’t tell that previous sentence was sarcasm.


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