Estrella: the review


so here at All hail the ale i am the whipping boy, i am the poor sap who has to review the more questionable lagers and beers while my cohorts have the pleasure of drinking wonderful porters from many differing places, its a tough job but someone has to do it i suppose.

Vital stats:

  • brewed in catalonia
  • 4.6% APV
  • comes in 330Ml bottle and draft


it was Golden and very, very  still, it had no head to speak off and had very little in the way of carbonation, looked more like apple juice than a beer.



Nothing, nothing, nothing, i wrote that three times because this section was overly short for my tastes.



it had the slightly bitter off taste that we have come to expect from lagers, that was all though, a rather bland experience in my opinion.



it will score quite low in this category due to the lack of enjoyment i got while drinking it, very little redeeming bout this lager especially in the taste department.



it was a rather good session beer like many lagers, this is due to the lack of flavour and i have scored it as a result because although i could drink lots of this beer, i have no desire to do so.


this is another disappointing lager that can be bought almost anywhere, i won’t go into a rant about this beer because I’ve done that far too often and honestly I’m getting rather bored of it. it looked ok but lacked in all other areas, this beer commits two major sins that i can’t forgive it for, its completely forgettable as a lager and i have no desire to drink it again and honestly i think thats the only thing you need to know about this beer.


2 thoughts on “Estrella: the review

  1. Bit tough – it’s a perfectly nice lager. Next time try sipping it on a sunny day next to the Mediterranean. I recommend it!

    1. i see your point, although personally i’d say its the location thats great and not the beer, i mean i drank fosters on a Sydney beach and i swear its one of the greatest beers I’ve ever had but its the location rather than the beer.

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