Guiness West Indies porter: The review

so Guinness recently surprised us all by announcing two new beers that they claim came from the archives of their illustrious past. they made lots of claims in this advert that i personally think are dubious at best, that is a post for another day and more than likely i’ll do it by the end of the week. this was a decidedly middle of the road porter and is far from what i have come to expect from this brewery, Guinness is my go to beer after all. i have my suspicions that these beers are just left overs from the Guinness process that they used their marketing clout to tell us they are amazing.

Vital stats:


this was black, as black as my cold dead heart that had been coloured in with permanent marker. there was no head and none of that nitrogen based goodness that you’ve come to expect from Guinness, know i now some of you aren’t a fan of it but honestly i like the event like nature of drinking a Guinness, i am somewhat disappointed by this if I’m honest.



i got a good hit of roasted malt. somewhat warming with the slightest hints of toffee.



i got roasted malts, some slight carbonation with overtones of both toffee and chocolate. Guinness now how to make a solid beer at times, surprisingly not as bad as the advert would lead me to believe.



this can be had pretty much everywhere, it is made by one of the most recognisable breweries in the world but it think thats a shame because that shelf space could be given to some of the smaller brewers in this land and help them get more customers and ill always support more diversity



despite this tasting surprisingly good it wasn’t a very good session beer, its flavour becomes quite overpowering over time and quite off putting after the second bottle.


this was a surprisingly solid beer, not spectacular by any stretch of the imagination but solid, less than i was expecting from guiness. it failed in the looks department but delivered a one, two punch in both the aroma and taste department, it can be found in most places and is fairly cheap but this isn’t a beer i can see my self sitting in the beer garden drinking this all day long, its not even a beer to sit in front of the fire and contemplate, its something you will try and never think about ever again. a decidedly middle of the road effort from Guinness.



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