Starbucks to sell wine and beer.


so my idea of hell is being forced to sit in a sterile environment, with high wooden chairs, wooden tables all why some non offensive music plays (i affectionally refer to it music as mum pop), this environment is often accompanied by a group of people whose self importance far out ways there actually importance, with them secretly judging me because i think a hoodie and shorts are approbate things to wear on a monday afternoon in summer, for the record i stand by my decision, i was comfortable. for those of you not getting what this place is, its starbucks, or really any chain coffee place you can think of, the kind of place that now clutters our highstreets selling over priced coffee to over privileged kids, who think there so indie because they put the latest filter on the pic of a coffee cup, this is everything i hate about the world, they are the type of places that take all individuality and self expression and destroy it while telling you there trendy because they listen to bands before their “mainstream”, well beer drinkers of the world prepare for your facebook/instragram to be even more inundated with little girls wanting to appear to be cool because Starbucks are too sell beer and wine, i have no doubt that this will be the type of beer and wine that people think is cool but actually isn’t, I’m looking at you peroni.


i have no doubt we’ll start to see pictures like this, as if i didn’t see enough of starbucks crap as it was, this wine and beer is in conjunction with hot food and will no doubt give many more people an excuse to ignore places that sell good coffee and food and instead go to Starbucks to have the same thing they had the day before.

“I think our customers will love the new range of terrific food and carefully selected wines and beers which will provide even more choice and reasons to visit us later in the day.”

Simon Smith, chief executive for SSP UK, added: “Starbucks is a brand which is synonymous with great coffee, and introducing this programme will tempt our coffee lovers to experience a new range of delicious foods and carefully selected alcoholic beverages in our newly renovated store.”

great coffee is something i don’t think of when i think “Starbucks” but i do worry about this, i fear it may be another nail in the coffin for already struggling pubs, as many of the customers drinking at Starbucks are far less likely to hit pubs and lets call a spade a spade here i think the female of the species is more likely to drink in Starbucks than a grotty old man pub, which i feel is a shame because only one of them has an character.


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