Newcastle brown ale: The review


so with the news that newcastle brown, newcey or dog as it has come to be affectionally known over the years, is to change its recipe to appease it large american audience i thought i would give it a quick review before its changed forever, that was sensationalism for the uninitiated. i personally don’t think it will make any difference to the taste but i am fond of a nice newcy, its one of my go to beers in my local and i think you can imagine it will score a very reasonable score as a result.

Vital stats


it was dark caramel in colour with a large white head that refused to let me fill the glass, the more i put in the more the head would fight me, it held for much of the pint and i consider it quite the sight to behold.



it had the slightest hint of Caramel but was lacking anything else i could get hold of.



it was quite neutral in tone with slightly bitter aftertaste, much like a politician this will not offend the pallet but wont excite it either, it does exactly what its needs to and i think we need more solid drinkable beers of this nature. it was very indiscreet with a caramel taste throughout, i know this will come across as controversial but i really do like it.



a solid beer that can be bought anywhere, your local supermarket, your local pub and i would guess in many ways your local bespoke beer shop, its a favourite for many people, including this reviewer.



that indiscreet taste makes this a perfect session beer, you can drink these again and again and get the same level of enjoyment from them, there also quite strong so they’ll get you to were you need to be very quickly if you get what I’m saying.


so this is one of my go to beer and as a result its gets a very sold score of 72, it looks like something you can drink, its has a robust neutral flavour that travels well, its good value and an excellent session beer that can be enjoyed over an afternoon or the day, sadly it failed int he aroma department but this is not enough to soil a rather solid drinkable beer.



4 thoughts on “Newcastle brown ale: The review

  1. Basically, if you go to a pub and they haven’t got any decent beers on tap, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Newcy Brown.

    1. yes, that doesn’t make a very review though, plus I’m not very eloquent at times

      1. Sorry, it wasn’t meant as a criticism, just adding my own thoughts. I liked the review! I like Newcy Brown too.

      2. haha tone is so hard on this, i meant it in a sarcastic way, in an off the cuff manor akin to agreement.

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