Dublin porter: The Review

Guinness Dublin Porter

so this is the second of the new beers from Guinness, i reviewed the west indies porter a little over a week ago (here) and i was a little disappointed. this is the Dublin porter from Guinness and i think this is their Session beer because it has a lower APV and is a little lighter on the stomach than full Guinness, i normally like the low APV beer, I’m an unashamed lover of mild, this coupled with my love of all day drinking should mean this is my type of beer, i am very much a session drinker but sadly this beer does not fit into that mold for me and i was very much disappointed.

Vital stats:


it was very dark with a large white head, this is in complete contrast to the last one. it looks like a porter but does it smell like one? (i believe they call that a tease in the business)



Sadly no, although it may look like a porter sadly is does not tickle the nasal passages in the same way, i got some slight malt but none of that strong hoppy smell that i would also like, porters are the everything beer in my eyes. sadly though this malt is all that there is in terms of the aroma and i was left wanting more.



It was very sweet, not what i would have expected from a porter and it was overly sweet, the more i drank of this the more off putting i found it, this sweetness was eventually over taken by some good malt but it wasn’t enough to do away with the sickly sweet flavour.



That overly sweet taste completely ruined this beer for me, it can be found everywhere they sell Guinness and i don’t think I’m wrong in saying thats everywhere, ever. its really cheap but i have no desire to have another of these and i think thats the most damning thing you can ever say about a beer.



that overly sweet flavour comes back to bite them on the arse once again, it makes this beer nearly impossible to keep drinking, this is strange because its low APV and that normally spells great things for the session but I’m afraid this fails for me.


like its predecessor this was very disappointing, unlike West Indies Porter which i found to be very middle of the road this fails to deliver in any real way, although i should say it looked very good, it failed in aroma, taste, session and because of that i feel it doesn’t live up to the hype that Guinness have thrust on to us, this is a beer that i will not be buying again and the fact i have two more bottles in the fridge does not make me happy it fills me with dread, i may give it away but I’m not sure which friend i hate the most atm.



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