James Boags premium lager: The review

so paul just got a copy of 1001 beers to drink before you die and this one was mentioned, this is one of the best lagers to come from Australia, why not click the link and see what paul thought http://wp.me/p3Aj9A-cq

All hail the ale


so my exploration of Australia’s many beers continues today with James Boags premium lager, this beer is from Australias smallest state,Tasmania, which for those of you not aware of Australia’s diverse geography its the little small island just off the south of the country. Apparently the state is home to a lot of australias apple grooves and also the countries purest water, while I accept the claim of it being australia’s purest, I question the claim about it being the purest water on the planet, I think that honour goes to Iceland. Well without further ado lets get this review a started.

  • ABV 5%
  • Brewed in Tasmania, australia
  • Comes in a bottle (375ml)
  • brewed using australias purest water
  • listed in 1001 beers you must drink before you die
  • http://www.boags.com.au/


A very heavy Golden brown colour with a very slight head, this is very clearly a full fat beer, australians…

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