Black cab stout: The review

i dont do photography
i dont do photography

so i continue with my exploration of “craft beers” you can easily buy in your local supermarket, i personally think this is important because for most people this is how they will be introduced to something other than mass market larger, its the wife test, you can say “hey babe”, i fancy trying a couple of these bottles, this is the easiest way for people to be exposed to what we would call real ales. soon i shall run out of these beers, which i personally think is a shame, its one of my pet peeves, that although the supermarkets in the UK do support real ales they don’t switch out the variety very often, meaning that they just become part of the range like fosters or another glass of mediocrity that can be easily purchased. i hope to when I’m finish to publish a something like “my supermarket beer guide”, sadly this beer wouldn’t make my must have list.

Vital stats:


it was as black as my ex girlfriends heart, as Black as the nights sky, it was so black i felt it sucking in my very soul, it had no head to speak of and was something closer to pepsi or coke






it was very malty and by very malty i mean maltyyyyyy, it also tasted a little over proofed in that the alcohol could clearly be tasted throughout. very off putting.



can be brought in my local Morrisons at a fairly cheap price, although its cheap sadly the off putting taste means that i don’t consider it value for money.



i currently have another bottle of this beer sitting in the fridge but i don’t want to drink it, there you have people, i have alcohol that i don’t wish to drink and i think thats all you need to know.


this was a largely disappointing beer, it looked poor, had zero aroma, a lacklustre taste that just didn’t want me trying  second, not much to say here avoid were ever possible.



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