Titanic stout: The review


so i did this at the same time as my previous review (here) and after that rather disappointing fair this was a breath of fresh hair. it still has some weak points and failed in many ways to knock it out of the park but it was a nice relief of sorts. This was also purchased from a supermarket and continues my somewhat mixed exploration of those beers.

Vital stats

  • stout
  • winner of many Camra awards
  • brewed in England
  • 4.5%
  • bought from morrison.co.uk
  • @Titanic_Brewers


It was very black with a light frothy head that took over the glass and refused to leave.






This is a long beer, the flavour stays around for a long time, it seems to move from the back of my tongue to the front before popping on my lips. it was full of Malty flavour and a strange taste sensation but still interesting.



it can be had pretty cheap and i think its good value, it was a solid beer that can be enjoyed in the bath after a long day.



was a very solid session beer, theres not much to say other than i enjoyed the second beer as much as the first.


This was a very solid beer, not spectacular by any stretch but not offensive either, its definitely up there as a beer you should pick up on your next shopping trip, it looked as good as it tasted, was excellent value for money and proved to be a solid session beer. the only real let down was the aroma but apparently I’m in the minority of people who think thats an important aspect of a beer.


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