The brewers project enters phase two.


so when Guinness launched the brewers project, it was their attempt to rediscover their brewing roots, go back to basics and use their long heritage to deliver two new/old beers to an audience that was literally waiting with baited breath, in case you couldn’t tell that last sentence was very much sarcasm.

i have held the opinion that the brewers project was Guinness trying to find a use for some of its waste alcohol, the Dublin porter which i reviewed (here) stinks of an old school british mild, while  the west indies porter just screams of rejected Guinness extra strong, if you interested that review can be found (here). i was very disappointed with both if I’m honest.

Well today Guinness have all but confirmed my suspicions with the launch of their latest beer, and was i shocked to discover it was a golden ale. now they are going to use their marketing might to say that this is an age old recipe, well I’m going to say its not, any beer nerd will know that golden ale is properly one of the more recent additions to the beer category and became a thing because lager became a thing, Golden ale is effectively brewing companies wishing to strike a balance between Real ale drinkers and lager louts. so phase two has got my goat a little atm, they are trying to appeal to craft beer/real ale drinkers without actually doing any work, this golden ale strikes to me as using up some Harp left over, just like the previous two, they had it laying around so thought why not, it won’t affect our brand over all. this is why i think the brewers project has been created, they ultimately don’t think these beers will be successful and they can do away with it quickly if thats the case. thats a good plan right there, (also sarcasm).

its not the beers that really irk me about this movement though its the heavy handed way they are trying to stop people buying craft beer, just like budweisers previous advert (here), they are using craft beer manufacturers symbols, buzzwords and general presentation against them, now i know I’m not the target audience, I’m not, i have no brand loyalty, i don’t think any of us beer bloggers do, we think nothing of six different beers in a six pack, i think nothing of hitting the pub and having a different beer every round but then I’m a beer whore, this is designed for the age old drinker, the man who drinks on a Saturday while watching the game and is starting to see these smaller beers getting talked about and is curious, when he sees this advert he thinks, “oh i like Guinness this could be my way of trying a new beer, try what the kids are raving about” and that is the problem, they really aren’t helping the industry and if this is the big guys new strategy, using their marketing might and market share to force there own smaller batch beers onto an unsuspecting audience then the market as a whole could be in danger because then nothing will change because the beers they are producing are just as bland as those they already offer.


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