A brief update

i wish i had something interesting to put here, i really do, the truth is i’m a very boring person and this month has proven that to myself and others rather easily, i haven’t been very social, ive gone to birthdays, i’ve gone the pub and generally i’ve avoided writing my assignment. nothing interesting really, the next month though promises a lot more from me, im very happy to say, ive a beer festival to attend, a three day extravaganza of beer and generally being a drunkard, two brewery tours and generally a lot of celebrating as my uni degree comes to an end.

i wanted to just write this for three reasons, just to let you all know that i’m still around, avoid doing anymore of this assignment and generally give a huge thank you to the 21st century and our obsessive need to have internet everywhere, heaven forbid we are unable to access instragram while enjoying a pint.

now the jury is still out on what affect this will have on my dissertation but im optimistic that wifi plus a pint of liverpool organics best bitter, with its surprising lack of bitterness will help me power through. so what drink if any are you enjoying this evening?

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