Victory Brewing Co’s ‘DirtWolf’ Double IPA – The Review

DSCN1248Another offering from The Wineyard and Deli that I was very excited to buy and try. I’ve been lucky enough to try a fair range of Victory’s beers and, based on all I’ve tried, they are all of at least an above-average quality.

As you know, I’m quite the hop-head, and this brew is a Double IPA, so you’d expect me to be quite hyped about this. Well, I’ve liked other Victory beers, so why not crack on and see what I thought after cracking open the bottle?


Vital Stats

  • 8.7% ABV
  • Brewed in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Comes in 330ml bottles

Look Moody, dark, eye-catching bottle, full of hop silhouettes on a glowing green background. Unfortunately all the brewing blurb is superfluous [a bit of the pot calling the kettle black there…] and could be reduced to ‘we used a lot of hops’.

In the glass, it’s a cloudy [i.e. with sediment] brew. I wasn’t sure if it was off, since the label didn’t mention bottle conditioning. Colour- a light marmalade, with a loose head. 6/10

Aroma Really sweet ‘n’ fruity. Aromatic, even to the point of soapiness [weird, maybe, but not in a bad way!]. I picked out peaches, melons, passion fruit, mango, lemon, maybe a tad of grapefruit and orange, in that exact order. Slight hoppy and wheaty earthiness, but mostly expressive fruit. 9/10

Taste Thank god the bitterness is there – I worried with the aroma that it would be overly sweet. Yep, the tongue tickle washes like a fizzy tide around your gob, and the fruity elements are complemented by a yeasty, fresh malt taste that is surprisingly clear. Big, warming body to this too, could be over-moreish! More grapefruit [typical IPA] and hints of the aforementioned fruits. 9/10

Value This set me back around four quid a bottle [can’t remember exactly how much…]. Yes that’s a lot for me, since I’m a stingy soul, but for the taste and body I’m not going to mark it down much. 8/10

Session I could drink a lot of this, though admittedly it ain’t wise at this strength! The flavours develop in complexity [I started getting burnt notes, sort of caramel, and a touch of vanilla too]. That’s always a good thing when appreciating your beverage, plus they never seemed to get too much for the palate. 8/10

All in all, a great IPA experience. If it didn’t look so ornery, it could’ve got a truly fantastic score, but I enjoyed it a lot and hope you’re lucky enough to try it for yourself.

Final score: 80/100


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