Black wych: the review


This was also done with the two previous beers i reviewed a long long time ago, i was going through a dark beer phase it appears, this will be the last one for a couple of reviews, i have a couple of pale ales coming up after this i believe, it is summer after all and i don’t really drink dark beers in the summer. so with out any further ado lets get this review under way.

Vital stats:

  • dark ale
  • 5% APV
  • brewed in England
  • bought from Morrisons
  • @marstonsbeer


This beer was off colour black, although upon closer scrutiny, and by closer scrutiny i mean i continued to sit on my bottom and held it up to the light, it was closer to brown in colour. this coupled well with a white bubbly head.



it was Sweet, Hoppy, well rounded out with slight hints of both Caramel and toffee. a superb example of the form and made me salivate at the thought of what was to come.



it had a strong Malt flavour with undertones of Caramel. was like a shot in the mouth in terms of flavour with a strange sensation on the tongue, it was very nice in the mouth but was sadly let down by a very strange aftertaste that lingered just a little too long in the mouth.



this beer was very nice to start with but became more and more off putting with each additional bottle, this is a single bottle rather than a six pack beer.



this beer was of good value, i wouldn’t go out of my way to get a six pack of it but ultimately it can be had for a very reasonable price and i think a single bottle is well worth a try.


this is a strange beer, that has taken me an obscene amount of time to review, its a solid tasting beer, with a rich aroma and good value for money but you could never drink a second bottle of this and thats a shame. this is a pick up and try beer rather than a session beer. this beer offered so much promise at first but sadly failed to deliver and as a result scores a very average score.



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